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Anonymous asked:
"What is D.O character?"

tbh im not really sure either…Kyungsoo is still a mystery to me lol. Like we can see him being very calm and stoic oneday and the next he might be happy and supper hyper. Maybe a walking contradiction, for example he can be really shy on certain tv shows but get him comfortable enough, he’ll start putting people in headlocks with no hesitation lol. Kyungsoo is very unpredictable to me, not in terms of his emotion bc it’s pretty easy to read his face since it’s quite expressive, but his action alot of times are unpredictable and most of the time very unexpected. But when he does it, after being surprised about it, you realized “it’s such a kyungsoo thing to do” XD

Well if you want a more definite answer, some of his more notable characteristics are his brutal honesty, stoic(+blank) expression, very capable (he’s good at alot of things ex: cooking, billiards, english pronunciation, drawing, acting etc) Kyungsoo seems to be one of those people with very good observational learning skills. And he’s very hardworking, doesn’t half ass anything (which contrast so much with his “shy” personality) if you watch broadcasts of tv/radio shows whenever the host ask him to do something, he would do it even aegyo which he hates so much XD. I guess kyungsoo is a very diligent kid who listens well ^^.

p.s there’s also a fun article about him called “D.O~ is a boy?”… Research on D.O’s 7 charms.

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someone pls save kyungsoo…

kyungsoo at the final broadcast of ‘it’s okay it’s love’