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Kyungsoo - CART Trailer

 cute hansoo ♥

cute hansoo ♥

Anonymous asked:
"I watched Exo's showtime, I'm not a fan but I like their song, I can notice that Kyungsoo is shy! Is he?"

Well the members did say that kyungsoo is very “shy” towards strange and also when they ask him to do aegyo & sexy dance XD…but for showtime i think he just doesn’t make it obvious that he’s talking(?) Like a lot of time he makes snide/random remarks on the side when others are talking kk Kyungsoo can be one of the crazy/hyper ones if he feel comfortable enough ^^

suho’s solution to avoid getting hit when you pat kyungsoo’s butt: offer your butt

princesquishy asked:
"i know kyungsoo has had at least one girlfriend in the past cause a letter that kyungsoo wrote to his bro, who was in the army at the time, was found and in it, he was talking about how SM was scouting him & how it was soon gonna be 100 days with his gf (which he was super excited about btw lolol). also there was an interview with his old teacher, and the teacher accidentally let it slip that kyungsoo had a gf before, around the time he first got into SM, but its most likely the same girl too"

there you go, anon~

(yeah, i think so too lol that kid never came across as someone with no dating experiences.)

kyungsoo wearing a bathrobe and banging on the door for his dear life.

Anonymous asked:
"Has he ever had a girlfriend?"

kyungsoo? probably? There are rumors and stuffs, not sure which are true or not, that he used to have a girlfriend….the only thing that I know for sure is that kyungsoo did had a crush on someone before (who doesn’t haha but i think he mentioned on radio shows a couple of time^^)